#4 Which of the following statements is false? **I’m not sure if…

Question Answered step-by-step #4 Which of the following statements is false? **I’m not sure if…#4 Which of the following statements is false?**I’m not sure if its A or D a.Increasing the sample size will always reduce the size of the sampling error when the sample mean is used to estimate the population mean.  b.Increasing the sample size will reduce the potential for extreme sampling error.  c.Sampling error can occur when the sample mean differs from the population mean due to the fact that the sample was not a perfect reflection of the population.  d.There is no way to prevent sampling error short of taking a census of the entire population. #5 Which of the following regression output values is used in computing the variance inflation factors?**I’m not sure if it’s B or D a.The standard error of the estimate.  b.The regression intercept value.  c.The F critical value from the F distribution for the appropriate number of degrees of freedom. and the appropriate level of significance.  d.The R-squared value.  Math BUSINESS S MAT 510

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