Complete the table

Complete the table Table 1. Comparison of Client and Server Operating Systems Area C?ent Server ProcessScheduling Optimised for interactivity and foreground processes. Often real- time requirements formultimedia. Timeslices might be small and often pre-emptive to allow real- time tasks … Show more… Show moreArea Client Server even Netbooks (although dedicated servers, but now Netbooks are generallyquite also includes virtualised limited and may need a cut- down environments. Graphics may beversion of an operating system or minimal, if present at all. May special installation me… Show more… Show moreArea Client Server With regard to network though only those that are needed services, willgenerally only should be installed. have client-software installed. Licences For Open-Sourceoperating systems, this is generally very simple. For commercial offerings, it can vary … Show more… Show moreComplete the tableĀ  Engineering & Technology Computer Science CS 1401417-3

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