Explain the theme of your text and how you came…

Please help me to edit grammar, spelling, punctuation, and structure, thank you!—-Explain the theme of your text and how you came up with this theme using evidence from your own work.This event taught me something far more important than my academic achievements. It taught me how to set goals and how to take action in order to achieve them. Like my grandpa’s beef noodle store experience, he takes action instead of struggling, he encourages people when everyone is under pressure, he works the hardest even when he is already successful because every failure, pressure, and challenge is not to let you give up , but an opportunity for you to learn.  Which words, phrases, and ideas did you use intentionally to help your reader understand a contrast/contradiction in your life? Use specific evidence to justify your ideas.  I talk about how after I transferred to KAS, things got very different, new school, system, and language. Which already makes me extremely stressed and anxious. What’s worse, my family started comparing my perfect cousin and I. So I complained to my grandpa about it and he told me about the experience of his first businesses. He often fails, but always learns a lot from every failure. Thus, I know that I could learn and try to be the best of myself, not to be others.  Which words, phrases, and ideas did you use intentionally fictionalize help the reader understand a contrast/contradiction in your life? Use specific evidence to justify your ideas.  In the climax of the story, where the beef noodle store got destroyed, I use the phrase “Hoo~” to show the sound of the typhoon, which can make readers feel the situation at the time. Then I change the story content to my grandpa holding the sign board and talking to the typhoon that helps the reader understand how much grandpa’s beef noodle soup means to him.  How is your text similar and/or different from the texts we read in class before this summative assessment? Use evidence from both your text and the texts we read in class to justify your ideas.  My text is a little different from the Fish Cheeks, for example, the Fish Cheek story is mostly about the personification of food, while mine is focused and expands on the feeling of the person. What does the phrase “writing to learn” mean to you? What have you learned about yourself and your identity because you took the time to write more closely about your life? Use evidence from your own text to justify your ideas.  While I was writing my personal narrative, I found more information, detail, and the people’s feelings at that time. Therefore, I noticed that my grandpa is the only one who insists on rebuilding the store no matter how other people comment about it. This influences me a lot because I can imagine how hard it is to make the decision with everyone disagreeing, which makes me admire and esteem more to my grandpa.   Arts & Humanities English ENG 101

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