(Child Development Class) Can you to write feedback (reply)…

Question Answered step-by-step (Child Development Class) Can you to write feedback (reply)…(Child Development Class)Can you to write feedback (reply)to my classmate, please:PARENT INTERVIEW: When we were assigned to interview a parent or a guardian that was in an ethnic group different from ours, I was very excited to do this assignment because I knew that not everyone was raised the same exact way. I thought it wouldn’t be hard for me to find someone who would be available for the interview. I asked about four to five parents if they were available for an interview, which the last parent was. From him, I learned that my own ethnic group had some similarities with his. In the interview, the parent that I interviewed said that his “… community has a problem with understanding gender identities, mental health, and any career path that is not mainstream,” and I said that as a child, the same exact topics were taboo. Social Science Sociology

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