Crystal Maiden It’s winter time for Rylai! Although she lives in South Carolina, an unusually cold winter has caused a snowfall in January. Rylai…

Question Answered step-by-step Crystal Maiden It’s winter  time  for Rylai!   Although  she  lives  in  South  Carolina, an  unusually  cold winter  has  caused a  snowfall  in  January.  Rylai goes outside and immediately regrets her decision.  The extremely low temperature causes Rylai to shiver in an attempt  to warm her body up.  As  this is happening, Rylai also  sees her  first  snowfall as  small crystal  flakes  drop  from  the  sky.    As  the  harsh  winter  continues,  Rylai  notices  something  else  as  the  weeks  progress– sometimes when she wakes up in the morning and sees snow outside her window, she shivers even though its 75° in  her room! 1. What is the unconditioned stimulus? 2. What is the unconditioned response? 3. What is the neutral stimulus that becomes the conditioned stimulus? 4. What is the conditioned response?  Social Science Psychology PSYCH 101

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